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We would like you to know that RxHacker.com is NOT a pharmacy, nor do we sell drugs. We offer a free prescription drug discount app for use by anyone, without limitation, at a pharmacy network including over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

It is paramount to us that we provide the best value in customer service, placing all pertinent information at your fingertips. There are resources available on our website to research prices and pharmacy locations as well as important information we feel might be helpful. As new innovations comes to light in the pharmaceutical industry, we’ll be adding to our blog posts, so check back periodically to learn what we’ve discovered!

Should everyone in my family get a card?

Yes. Have as many as you would like – the cards are free and easily provided. Create one for your friends, neighbors, or for anyone you know that would like to save money on their prescription medications.

When can I start using my card?

Immediately! Your Rx Hacker Discount Card is pre-activated, so you start saving as soon as you fill your first prescription.

Is my health information confidential?

Yes. Your prescription health information is completely confidential, covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Only you and your pharmacy will share information, however the Rx Hacker Discount Card Program doesn’t require personal information for participation so you remain anonymous, protecting your personal identity.

Are there any exclusions to using my card?

No. Because this is NOT insurance, there are NO pre-existing conditions, background health checks, claim forms, or maximum benefit limitations. You’ll also find there are no “prior authorization required,” “drug not covered,” or “refill too soon”rejections.

How much will the program cost?

The program is abolutely FREE for everyone without exception.

With no sign up or application fee to join the Rx Hacker Discount Card program, our free card is offering discounts for everyone through the support of our participating pharmacies.

Which Pharmacies participate in the program?

There are more than 60,000 participating pharmacies in our discount network. They encompass most major franchise stores like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Safeway, Target, as well as most local neighborhood pharmacies, nationwide. You may locate a participating Pharmacy in your neighborhood with our Pharmacy Locator tool.

What sort of discount should be expected?

This program provides a savings of up to 85% certain generics and up to 15% certain name brand prescriptions. Discounts may reflect some variation based on type (generic or brand name) or the pharmacy’s location, but you will always be guaranteed the best price. Discount card price, insurance program’s price, or pharmacy’s discount price, you’ll be able to select the most affordable option available!

There will be some circumstances where no discount is offered, typically when the drug is already heavily discounted or in instances where the pharmacy’s discount is lower than the card’s.

Check our price tool for medication prices near you!

Can the card be combined with insurance benefits?

Unfortunately you are prohibited from using both cards at the same time. However, if you have the pharmacist give you the price for all your prescriptions with our card and also with your insurance card, you will then be able to choose the most cost effective option. You’ll find that our card will provide a bigger discount than many insurance plans, so it’s worth investigating.

How do I use the RxHacker App?

Simply show your card in the app to your pharmacist with your prescriptions. Everything they need to electronically process your prescription and apply your discount is included on the card! Your RxHacker Card is a non-insurance discount drug card that offers significant savings for everyone.

How do I get a RxHacker Discount Card?

It’s easy! Show your card on your phone or we can text it to you!

Are pets covered?

Yes, it covers Pet Medications too! – Many are not aware they are not required to purchase their pet’s prescriptions from a veterinarian. There are over 600 pharmaceuticals for treating pets, the very same prescribed for people, just at a different dosage. Many pet medications are actually available for discount at your local pharmacy. No more expensive than 800-PetMeds in most cases! For more about pet medications, go here.

Who is eligible for the Rx Hacker Discount Card?

The Rx Hacker Discount Card program has no eligibility requirements. As opposed to insurance programs, there are no waiting period, income, pre-existing condition, age, or deductible restrictions. The discount card program was established to assist nationwide patients without coverage, or with high deductibles or copays, to afford their prescriptions.

Our program is also a benefit to those who must pay full retail prices during insurance deductible or coverage “donut holes,” like with Medicare Part D.